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Hong Kong Internships 

We partner with a number of small to medium-sized enterprises in Hong Kong, which act as our local network of trusted host companies. Our primary objective is to offer a service that enables businesses to create sustainable internship programmes that foster the skills required to thrive in Hong Kong’s competitive job market.

We prioritise making the internship experience to be a genuine learning opportunity rather than a mere addition to your CV. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with our host companies to design structured learning programmes. This approach ensures that you have a clear understanding of the expectations during your time with the company and the specific skills you will be developing as a result.


We strongly believe that well-executed internship programs yield immense benefits for both interns and companies. By participating in our internship program, university students gain a unique chance to complement their academic studies and embark on their professional careers.

Image by Manson Yim

Stage 1:


Register with us online to begin your internship journey. Select the industry sector which interests you, ideally within your field of study at university. 

Flexible Opportunities

Our main objective is to support your academic journey while providing you with valuable practical work experience. To achieve this, our internship placements are designed to seamlessly integrate with your life, study commitments, and exam schedule. We understand the importance of finding a balance between your academic responsibilities and gaining real-world experience.

For our local internship program in Hong Kong, we offer internships with durations of 1-2 months, with a flexible approach allowing you to tailor the experience to your schedule. You can choose to complete your internship on a part-time, full-time, or hybrid basis, based on your preferences.

Image by Lok Yiu Cheung


Local University students may apply to our Hong Kong Internship programmes using the link below:

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