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Global Internships in the United Kingdom

Intern Circle has a large network of host companies based in the United Kingdom. Leveraging these networks, our objective is to provide students studying in Hong Kong with an exceptionally rewarding international internship experiences.


Through close collaboration with local Universities, we offer a structured programme which enables talented students from Hong Kong to gain valuable cultural and professional experiences within a UK working environment.

We recognise that as a full-time student without connections or knowledge of the UK job market, finding an overseas internship can be an intimidating process. Our global services are specifically designed to support you throughout this journey, providing you with a competitive edge in your search. This includes professional guidance during the interview and placement stages prior to your departure, as well as ongoing support from our UK team during your placement period.

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The Global Internship Programme

We support you through the process of securing fixed-term placement in a UK company which matches your professional interests or areas of study. The primary purpose of your internship experience is to facilitate the development of your English language skills, familiarise yourself with the culture, norms and expectations of a real-world working environment, and deepen your understanding of your future industry sector in an international environment.

Our next intake for the Global Internship Programme is in February 2024. Please register your interest by emailing us at:

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